Customer Reward Points

Anyone can use the Customer Rewards Program and once signed up, will join the ranks of guests, that gain rewards points with every purchase. You can upgrade to full Membership is 14.99 a month. Membership includes discounted reward tiers, half price shipping for online orders, Member only sales, and many other benefits used at Game Kastle Stores.


Reward Guests Members
$3.00 in snacks* 2400 1200
$5.00 off or gift card 5000 4000
$10.00 off or gift card 8000 6500
$25.00 off or gift card 16000 13000
$50.00 off or gift card N/A 24000
$100.00 off or gift card N/A 45000
Premium Table Rental* 14000 10000
Premium Membership (3 months)* 20,000 20,000
Premium Membership (12 months)* 70,000 70,000
Storm the Kastle (purchase over $300 at once)* N/A Gain an extra 2000 points (25% more Reward Points)

Items with an “*” can only be used in brick and mortar stores..