Premium Membership Details and Benefits.

Game Kastle Premium Membership is available in monthly, quarterly, and yearly subscriptions.

Monthly membership is only $14.99!
Quarterly membership is $42.70
Yearly membership is $152.99
A membership’s benefits apply for all Game Kastle stores, so we encourage you to visit all of our locations!
Reward Guests Members
$3.00 in snacks* 2400 1200
$5.00 off or gift card 5000 4000
$10.00 off or gift card 8000 6500
$25.00 off or gift card 16000 13000
$50.00 off or gift card N/A 24000
$100.00 off or gift card N/A 45000
Premium Table Rental* 14000 10000
Premium Membership (3 months)* 20,000 20,000
Premium Membership (12 months)* 70,000 70,000
Storm the Kastle (purchase over $300 at once)* N/A Gain an extra 2000 points (25% more Reward Points)

Items with an “*” can only be used in brick and mortar stores..

Members receive a discount on many Game Kastle services! This includes locker rentals, premium space rentals, and other upcoming services.

90-day locker rentals are $75 for guests and $60 for members.
Premium space rentals are $22 for guests and $20 for members.
For more information on the current services, click here.

Earn double rewards points when purchasing any items on “Premium Members Only” promotions!

Premium Members can sign up for select events up to two days before normal registration opens and can enter certain events such as the Game Kastle Flea Markets up to fifteen minutes before the event begins!

Every season, all members will receive a free seasonal gift and access to “Premium Members Only” collectible products

Potential examples include Game Kastle bag tags, Game Kastle mugs, or other assorted gaming accessories.

Members will have access to “Premium Members Only” sales and half price shipping on Game Kastle Online, our upcoming online store!