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Real or Fake? by Ray Wisneski

Real or Fake? by Ray Wisneski

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Real or Fake?

by Ray Wisneski

Peter Quill: That’s a fake laugh.
Rocket Raccoon: It’s real!
-Guardians of the Galaxy

The trials and tribulations of working in a game store can sometimes out you in situations where you’re not quite sure how to react. Such as when a customer walks up to the counter and asks you if you have“Poo!”. Sometimes it takes a moment, then I realize they are talking about a game! That’s when my immature side struggles to restrain from replying with all of the one liners running through my head. I always try to remain professional, but there are some replies that are just too precious to pass up. But I digress…

This made me think about some of the outrageously named games that have been published. So I thought it might be fun this week that instead of having a full on article, that we play a game. I mean let’s face it, that is the one thing we all have in common right, we like to play games!

So, I have created a game called “Real or Fake”. This is perfect if you are just hanging out with a friend or significant other, or for the next time you are with your gaming group and you want to take a quick break. Go down this list and see how many of these games you guess are Real or Fake.

Each of the games were printed after the year 2000. Oh, and just to make it a little more interesting, I have added clues for each game, it can be a tagline from the front of the box, or a partial description from the back of the box, or even a piece of trivia about the game. I will list the actual answers down below, they are in white text, so you will need to highlight the section to see the answers (no peeking until your done with the game!). See how many you guess right and let us know how you did!

Here is the list in a randomly determined order:

1. Eat Me!

Tagline: “The game of suicidal cannibals, where the loser is the winner”

Trivia: Players take turns catapulting body parts into a cooking pot.

2. War on Terror

Tagline: “Fight the terrorists, fund the terrorists, be the terrorists”

Trivia: Comes with a black balaclava that has the word “Evil” printed on it.

3. Pull Your Pants Up

Tagline: “Looking Like a Fool with Your Pants on the Ground”

Trivia: The designer created this game in protest of current teenage fashion trends.

4. Poopyhead

Tagline: “The Game Where Number 2 Always Wins”

Trivia: Comes with headbands that look like fake poop.

5. Holy Cannoli

Tagline: “Feed the Pope”

Trivia: The object of the game is to create desserts worthy of his holiness.

6. Yeti in My Spaghetti

Tagline: “Hey, get out of my bowl!”

Trivia: Players take turns taking spaghetti from the bowl using a single hand and the player who knocks the yeti into the bowl loses.

7. Who’s the Ass?

Tagline: “Just as I was winning, the ass appeared!”

Trivia: The same designer created Tikal, Princes of Florence and El Grande.

8. Get Off the Pot

Tagline: “When nature calls, you better hurry or get off the pot”

Trivia: Comes with a toy toilet that makes flushing sounds. (batteries not included)

9. You Must Be an Idiot!

Tagline: “Who’s really the Idiot and who’s just fooling?”

Trivia: Top 10 Game of the Year (by Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 2006)

10. Mwahahaha!

Tagline: “A Card Game of Mad Scientist and Global Domination”

Trivia: You can play as a mad scientist called Dr. Dookie.

ANSWERS: (Highlight over the area below to reveal the answers)










10. REAL

We hope you enjoyed this game, let us know if you would like to see more like this!