When you play the game of thrones, you either live or you die. Do you have what
it takes to play the game and seize the Iron Throne? Will you lead your House
to rule over the Seven Kingdoms or be swept away as others ambitious are realized?
Our Game of Thrones LCG season is a comprehensive offerings of exciting events
including weekly meet-ups, tournaments, and the ultimate Battle for Braavos!

Pick-up a Game of Thrones card today from any Game Kastle and get ready
to play the game of thrones. Each participation in a store-scheduled event gets
you a punch for the card. With 5 punches you complete the card and get an awesome
reward, as well as being entered into a raffle for even better prizes!

Each completed card will reward you with a Hand of the King pin, signifying
your influence in the Seven Kingdoms. Each completed card also enters you into a
raffle that will take place at the Battle for Braavos event. The raffle prizes
include a fan-favorite art print, and a custom deck box!

Weekly events, organized play, and tournaments all net you a punch for the card
and a step closer to claiming your prize and dominion over Westeros.

– Pick-up a Game of Thrones punch-card at any Game Kastle
– Participation in any store-organized event gets you one punch on the card
– 5 punches gets you a hand-made Hand of the King pin
– 5 punches (limit of two entries) enters you into a raffle at the Battle for Braavos event for either a custom art print or custom-art Deck Box.