Franchising Overview – Game Kastle

Franchising Overview

Why Should You Choose a Franchise Business?

We know that as a prospective franchisee your major concern is security for your investment. Let us put your mind at ease with some facts and figures about the industry. The franchising concept is an American phenomenon.

With over $1 trillion in annual sales , 40% of all consumer purchases are made through a franchise.

The United States Department of Commerce reports that less than 5% of the nation’s franchises fail each year. Compare that to the Small Business Administration’s records showing that 90% of all private businesses eventually fail, most of them within the first year. The result is a win-win situation as evidenced by the Department of Commerce statistics.

Franchising is a strategy that promotes the dynamic relationship of established business know-how and an entrepreneurial spirit.

Franchising with Game Kastle can be a “game changer”.

Achieving success in any business or industry requires hard work and dedication. Nothing worth achieving comes easily. However, imagine fulfilling or surpassing your personal / financial goals while maintaining your franchise location, and working in an exciting and dynamic industry while doing it!

Have you ever dreamed of working in a casual environment? Game Kastle is a family-friendly business that offers the community a location to explore their imagination. It also allows serious game players to purchase your products and gather in a comfortable environment.

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