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Store Conversion Program

Store Conversion Makes Franchising Exciting!

Are you an independent game store owner or have a related concept? Do you want to reach your full potential, exceed your business goals and fulfill your dreams? Then Game Kastle is for you! Our Franchise Conversion Program is an easy way to join the leading Specialty Game Franchisor in the US.

Our business model is proven, long-standing, and we’ll support you every step of the way. You are no longer alone!

Why Consider Converting?

You’ve spent years building your team, perfecting your operations, and creating a strong and loyal customer base. Why consider joining a franchise now?


We believe in maintaining the brand and image that you’ve built as a specialty toy store owner. While we also feel that your store should be updated with nationally-trademarked Game Kastle signage, we think keeping an element of the original brand that your community trusts is also important.



Over the past 15 years, Game Kastle has developed strong relationships with more than 200 vendors and manufacturers. As a Game Kastle store, you will have access to Game Kastle exclusive products and buying processes.



Our home office supports you with several services, including Real Estate and Demographics, Marketing, IT, Graphics, Buying, Merchandising amd Staff Training. We like to think of it as being an independent store owner, but you’re not alone.



Point-of-sale broken again? Now you have someone to call, and a community of owners off of whom you can bounce ideas and best practices.



Many of our franchise owners will confirm that one of the best benefits of joining a franchise is the storeowner community, in which many of the best ideas, product and marketing discoveries occur.

Tell Us About Your Store

The best way to learn more about Game Kastle and our Conversion Program is to contact our franchise development team. Tell us a little bit about you and your store, and we’ll contact you regarding the possibility of a store conversion.