Warmahordes Colossal Summer 2018 – Game Kastle

As war rages for the Iron Kingdoms, begin down the path to the Colossal Summer! Our Warmachine and Hordes series is full of events of all kinds, from painting, to
gaming, to tournaments… whatever style your hobby is, come get involved today!

Pick-up an Warmahordes Colossal Summer 2018 punch card today from any Game Kastle and begin your path to a Colossal . Each participation in a store-scheduled event gets you a punch
for the card. With 10 punches you complete the card and get an free Colossal

Weekly events (build/paint nights), organized play, painting competitions, and tournaments
all net you a punch for the card and a step closer to claiming your prize and glory!

– Pick-up an Warmahordes Colossal Summer 2018 punch-card at any participating Game Kastle
– Participation in any store-organized event gets you one punch on the card
– 10 punches (limit of one entry) earns you a Colossal Model up to 109.99 in value.